Some of our recently completed jobs


Client Job Done Date
1 Mobil Full Spread Survey and Positioning at UBIT location August to October 2014
2 Mobil Pre-Rig Move Survey at ETIM LC, ATA, ASABO MA, EDOP QP Locations respectively at Mobil Field June to August 2014
3 Mobil Full Spread Survey and Positioning at UBIT location, Mobile field March to May 2014
4 TenOil Ltd Full Spread Surveyat MPN Field November 2013
5 Mobil Full Spread Survey and Positioning at UBIT location, Mobile field October to December 2013
6 Mobil Full Spread Survey and Positioning at UBIT location, Mobile field June to August 2013
7 NPDC Positioning with Ultra short base line (USBL) using NAVIPAC (EIVA) as a navigation system May & June 2013
8 Shell Petroleum Acquiring of survey data using Echo sounder and Side Scan Sonar February 2013
9 Hydrodive Anchor handling Positioning support for repairs of WAGPCO Gas Pipeline at Lome offshore In TOGO February 2012
10 NIWA Anchor Positioning of Beau geste barge in odudu feild. May & June 2011
11 Mobil Deployment and positioning of Navigation Buoy at lower River Niger Channel Lot 1 January 2011
12 Mobil Ubit GG;1 rig moves positioning December 2010
13 Mobil Baltic 1 rig moves positioning to Usari FC OCtober 2010
14 Agip Lloyd Noble rig move to Percy Johns Beniboyei September 2010
15 Mobil Percy Johns rig move positioning to Edop D September 2010
16 Mobil Percy Johns rig move positioning to Edop A May 2010
17 Mobil Baltic rig moves positioning to Enang April 2010
18 Mobil Ed-Noble rig move positioning to Ubit A March 2010
19 Mobil AD8 rig move positioning to Yoho December 2009
20 Mobil Baltic rig move positioning to Usari B October 2009
21 Mobil Usari B Platform coordinate survey January 2009
22 Elf Positioning support for geotechnical survey using jackup barge at Ima field Bonny December 2008
23 SNEPCO Rig move of drill ship Deepwater Pathfinder at Bobo3x location June 2008
24 SNEPCO Rig move of DP Semi –Submersable SEDCO 702 at Bonga field May 2008
25 West Africa Venture Route survey of Edop QI to Etim platform and positioning of divers for risers checks December 2006
26 LNG Positioning of Donanx Barge for riser Inspection. OBE Field OML 110 November 2004
27 Adamak Nig. Ltd. Positioning support for Rusamunde Pipe laying Barge Ar Shell Location,Focados (Fyip Project) August 2003
28 Consolidated Oil Nig. Ltd. Perro Negro 5 Rig Move Positioning To Olori Loc. OML 103 May 2001


Client Job Done Date
1 Chevron Magnetometer Survey at Chevron Platform, Nsor December 2014
2 Shell Geophysical Survey at Gbaran for Shell June to August 2014
3 Chevron Side Scan Survey at Chevron Platform Nsor December 2014
4 Fix Mark Solution Geophysical Survey at OTAK at Andoni River November 2014
5 SHEBAH Exploration Search and Geophysical Survey of Ukpokiti offshore November 2013 to January 2014
6 Ten Oil Ltd Geophysical survey of Ata location November 2013
7 Nigdel United Oil Co. Geophysical/ Debri Survey of Okporoma offshore November 2013
8 Epanoe Nig Ltd Dive Support at Ghana Using Hydropro Software July 2013
9 AIM Ltd 3D OBC Seismic Survey design & Planning for OPL 239 & 240 April 2013
10 AIM Ltd Sensitivity modeling of Marine Controlled Source Electromagnetic Survey for OPL 239 & 240. March 2013
11 AIM Ltd Review of Geological and Geophysical data on OML 239/240, Offshore Nigeria March 2013
12 NIWA Siltation and discharge survey of Lower River Niger at 5 locations dry season Febuary 2013
13 Shell 13km Navigation route survey of Otumara river off Escravos river September 2011
14 Atlas Solutions Pre-survey of Okrika River April 2010
15 Shell Bathymetric survey of Oloma river crossing and location 15 Shell Bonny April 2010
16 Mobil Percy Johns rig move positioning to Edop A May 2010
17 Scaphandrier Pipeline terminal valve search using Side scan sonar in Cotonou offshore January 2010
18 NPDC Site Survey Okono location Bonny High Sea June 2010
19 NPDC As-Built survey of Dangote cement premises and jetty February 2009
20 Century Energy Service Bathymetric survey & current metering survey of Nun river channel entrance to Akassa break water July 2008


Client Job Done Date
1 Global Petrolog & Data Ltd Pre dredge and dredging survey of Omueiheche Aluu River March 2014
2 NIWA Survey support for dredging of Lot 1 River Niger Project January to June 2013
3 NIWA Pre and post dredging of Lot 1 River Niger Project 2012
4 NIWA Lower River Niger siltation and discharge survey at Baro, Jamata, Idah, Onitsha and Bifurcation location wet season May 2012
5 NIWA Maintenance Year one dredging lot 1 lower river Niger dredging 2012
6 NIWA Thywick Survey for Maintainer Dredging April/May 2011
7 NIWA Post survey of lot 1 River Niger dredging project from Warri to Bifurcation January 2010
8 NIWA River Niger Dredging Survey Lot 1 February 2011
9 NIWA Capital Dredging Lot 1 Lower river Niger Dredging 2009/2010